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Lead Testing & Lead Analysis - Capsule with Powder

Nutraceuticals are foods or food components that provide health benefits by prevention or treatment of disease, especially chronic diseases. Some nutraceuticals are made from herbal/botanical raw materials. In some cases, they include the entire food, such as yogurt with active bacteria or tea with ginseng; while in other cases one component is isolated from the food, such as carotene from carrots.

The industry is growing at about 8% per year, with more than 100 million customers in the United States. One reason for the popularity of nutraceuticals is that they do not have the side effects of many medications because they are derived from natural sources. Another reason is that no prescription is needed to buy them. Examples include probiotics (live microorganisms such as the bacteria in yogurt); antioxidants (which can prevent cell damage); and phytochemicals (certain plant compounds that may help prevent diseases).

Because the industry is largely unregulated, consumers are sometimes skeptical that the products contain the nutraceuticals listed. To address this issue, manufacturers can establish credibility by having an independent testing lab such as NSL analyze their products and guarantee the presence of the beneficial chemicals they claim.

NSL offers chemical analysis for supplement and nutraceuticals. Testing can determine elemental concentrations of toxic heavy metals including arsenic, calcium, lead, and mercury.

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