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LECO analysis is a method for reliably determining the concentration of gases within metals and oxides, including Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur. We do this by using infrared absorption and thermal conductivity to measure combustion gases within a metallic sample.

Especially in metals, small amounts of these light elements can cause havoc because they form hard particles that act like ceramics that dramatically affect the product’s properties. 

Because ICP and LECO each specialize in detecting different element types, running your product through both allows you to see the whole picture and have greater confidence in your product.

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What Makes NSL Analytical Different

You won’t be waiting weeks for an answer to a LECO test with NSL Analytical. Our standard lead time for LECO testing is the industry’s best turnaround time of 5 days or less depending on your needs, because we have the experience, instruments and redundancy to quickly deliver reliable results. 

Because we have the instruments available at all times, we don’t need to rely on subcontracting work. That self-reliance means we help you hit your product timelines.