Ophthalmic Testing Services

Our Ophthalmic Testing capabilities include abrasion testing, coating testing, and simulated exposure testing (ESWT), as well as strength and optical properties.

Lens tests, based on the ANSI Z80.1-2010 standard, include testing for Anti-Reflective Coating, Durability (ISO 8980 Part 4); and Hard Coat Abrasion Resistance (ISO 8980 Part 5).

NSL Analytical conducts Photochromic (ISO 8980 Part 3) and Sunglass testing compliant to mandatory EU standards (ISO 12311-1-2013 and ISO 12312-2013) along with ANSI and AS/NZS standards.

NSL also tests Frames and Accessories which are subject to regulatory standards (EU Nickel Release, CPSIA and CA Prop 65).

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NSL Analytical’s Lens Testing Analysis

Our optical test laboratory is equipped with the latest Linear Abrader that can be configured for concave or convex surfaces and either abrasion resistance testing or cleanability. Moreover, the weight can be adjusted on the instrument to simulate applied pressure; with the addition of Contact Angle and Haze Gard instrumentation results provide objective test measurements. Objectivity is a critical component of all scientific laboratories.

Because NSL is also a chemical testing laboratory, artificial perspiration is readily available for use with the ophthalmic laboratory’s QUV + oven, as an addition to our ISO 8980 Part 4 protocol. When applied to a lens surface, NSL can be determine the effect perspiration has on the lens coatings, the lamination junction points or on the lens substrate itself.

NSL invested in an A&R Dual LensMapper (DLM) to provide customers with sharp and accurate measurement of all lens designs. The DLM combines two optical technologies (Reflection and Transmission) for a fast, accurate and automatic measurement.

Outputs include values, maps and profiles in terms of SPH, DPT, CYL & AXIS.

  • Through power range : -10D to 10D
  • Convex surface power range: +1D to +10D (index 1.525)
  • Concave surface power range: -3D to -12D (index 1.525)
  • Accuracy to within .02D background
  • Measurement area = 35x40mm for the through power, 30X35mm for the front power

The DLM is the perfect tool to achieve a very high level of optical quality control from SV to Free Form lens design.

NSL is an active member of The Vision Council and supports many of the committees.

As an Independent Testing Laboratory, NSL Analytical can also provide objective third party analysis of your laboratory. For more information about our Technical Services and Consulting capabilities, please feel free to complete an online information request.