At NSL Analytical Services, we pride ourselves on delivering the most trusted test results available. Our test reliability is backed by dependable data, a highly trained team, and the service and support that comes from 75+ years in business. Our Independent Testing Laboratory’s testing results help our customers evaluate their products’ designs, materials, and treatments to meet regulatory compliance requirements and ensure optimal performance.

How Does NSL Ensure Accurate Results?

At NSL, our team is dedicated to obtaining valid, meaningful results, so we regularly perform a variety of tests for accuracy and reliability. First, we ensure that our test results are reproducible. We conduct the test under the same conditions to generate the same results. This way, we can ensure that the data is accurate and reliable. Then, we compare our test results to other measurements to ensure complete accuracy across the board. Plus, we trace the sequence of our tests in detail to provide complete transparency to our customers. We have determined over 75+ years in business that these steps are essential for building strong customer relationships.

Importance of Test Reliability

Many products are used in critical applications where a failure could result in extensive cost, damage, or injury. That’s why NSL appreciates the value of accurate, repeatable results because we know that our data can assist in process optimization and end-user safety.

We also understand that our test results verify developments that lead to new materials and innovative products that help shape our world. By providing valuable information about material characteristics, accurately documenting the test and its sequence of events, as well as the external factors and conditions, we provide our customers with a better understanding of how their materials are constructed and how their products perform. This helps them adhere to quality standards and meet all compliance requirements.

Commitment to Technology and Innovation

NSL is committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to testing methods and capabilities. We believe that maintaining technical excellence helps us provide accurate results and test reliability; that’s why we consistently upgrade our technology and expand our services. Examples of our commitment to advancement include the expansion of our battery materials testing capabilities and the addition of moisture analysis by Karl Fischer titration to our ISO 17025 accreditation scope.

Quality Certifications and Accreditations

At NSL Analytical, we have earned our reputation as a leader in the testing of production and process materials. It has been built by providing trusted data and test reliability for decades. And we uphold our esteemed reputation by maintaining accreditations and “approved laboratory” status by participating in stringent lab certification programs. We work with renowned companies, government agencies, and researchers worldwide who have the highest standards and most demanding requirements. So, our quality certifications and approvals are an important facet of our business model. Learn about our specific certifications here.

Learn More About Our Lab Data and Test Reliability

Test reliability and valid results are of the utmost importance for quality assurance. That’s why NSL is dedicated to providing accuracy, repeatability, traceability, and dependability. Contact us to speak with our dedicated team to learn more about our commitment to reliability.