Forging Materials

Solid state deformation processing of metals using forging produces parts with high durability and extended life in critical applications from aerospace to power generation. The metal alloys processed range from ferrous alloys to high temperature nickel alloys to titanium alloys. The durability of the parts comes from the microstructure created during the forging process. 

Relevant Testing Services

Chemistry Testing Services
Metallurgical Testing Services

NSL Analytical provides services that address the quality assurance needs for a broad range of forged products. This includes metallography with macrographs and micrographs, SEM, chemistry testing, and mechanical properties testing at low, ambient, and high temperatures. For example, metallography for titanium forgings confirms that the microstructure matches specifications for the aerospace supply chain requirements so that the forged component will perform in service as designed.  

Accreditations & Approvals for Forging Materials