Metallurgical Testing Services

Materials science connects the relationships between processing-microstructure-properties-performance with characterization sitting at the center of the materials science tetrahedron.

Metallurgical Testing Lab Expertise and Technology

NSL’s metallurgical testing services address each of these fundamental aspects of materials.  We are able to receive full size castings and forgings from manufacturers to be machined into testing coupons and samples in our fully capable machine shop.  We are also able to receive full additive manufacturing build plates of test parts or witness coupons.

Our metallographic capabilities in both optical microscopy and SEM provide microstructural information.  Due to our breadth of metal alloy experience and depth of our metallurgical expertise we can polish and etch even difficult to analyze alloy classes and identify hard to find phases, intermetallics, or hard particles that drive materials properties and performance.  

NSL mechanical testing capabilities range from ambient temperature tensile testing to elevated temperature tensile testing to stress rupture and creep testing to charpy impact testing.  

At NSL, our metallurgists have a combined over 100 years of industrial experience and each has specific alloy and processing expertise to address the toughest production and failure analysis challenges.  We understand both the production context and the science behind physical metallurgy.

Our qualified engineers and technicians are experienced in Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis, failure analysis, and mechanical testing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Material Testing Services

Our materials characterization specialists will help you with all your materials testing needs including:

  • Material Verification during the alloy selection process
  • Material Certification ensuring supplier quality during pre-production
  • Regular course of business testing for production quality assurance
  • Failure Analysis
Mechanical Testing
Metallurgical Lab Instrumentation