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Reliable, Accurate Testing for Space Manufacturing

Space manufacturing is at the forefront of innovation, technology and material science, pioneering sustainable development for space exploration and new industries. This makes full service testing a critical step for risk mitigation, equipment qualification and quality assurance.


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The right analyses are the key to advancing the new space manufacturing ecosystem.

New materials and process innovations are fueling a golden age of innovation in design and manufacturing for space applications, Space: A Market Map.  Each component of a launch vehicle, rocket engine or satellite requires precision engineering and advanced materials such as titanium, superalloys and niobium, copper and refractory metal alloys that have been fully vetted.

These metals and alloys must also include pedigreed materials data to ensure their performance for critical missions.

At NSL Analytical, our qualified analysts support space materials and manufacturing with thorough testing. This ranges from validation of feedstock materials in additive manufacturing to ensure their conformance to chemistry and physical properties requirements all the way through supporting the development of design curves for mechanical properties testing.

It includes testing of new metal alloys like niobium and other refractories as well as new copper alloys. It also includes titanium and superalloys.

We provide quality, repeatable results using high-performing equipment and built-in redundancies for timely analysis that you can trust.

Accreditations & Approvals for Space Manufacturing

NSL Analytical’s materials testing facilities are accredited through Nadcap MTL AC7101 and meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

NSL is a trusted testing vendor for top manufacturers and maintains several quality approvals, including: