Consumers are hard on their glasses and they expect them to keep up with everyday life. Do your lenses have problems with scratches, smudges and cleanability? NSL Analytical’s Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT) answers the call.

Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT)

NSL Analytical has developed a test with the wearer in mind. ESWT uses scientific, quantifiable and repeatable procedures to evaluate lens coatings. The test simulates actual wear such as scratching and cleanability – the two primary consumer concerns – while including baseline measurements on adhesion, delamination, peeling and transmission.

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The ESWT testing can be customized with ESWT+, a Statistical Analysis Package, to provide further understanding and benchmarking of the test results and can be very effective to understand the performance of lens coaters to assist in comparison of different locations.

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