Vision Council Member Special

As the preferred testing lab for The Vision Council, NSL Analytical Services is pleased to offer special pricing on ophthalmic evaluations and testing services to The Vision Council member companies.

NSL’s ophthalmic testing laboratory capabilities include the following lens testing services:

  • Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT)*
  • Abrasion
  • Coating characterization
  • Cross hatch adhesion
  • Accelerated exposure
  • Optical properties including Photochromic testing
  • Sunglass testing compliant to mandatory EU standards (ISO 12311-1-2013 and ISO 12312-2013)
  • And more!

NSL’s frame and accessories testing services include the following:

  • CPSIA Regulatory Testing
  • EU Nickel Release
  • Titanium Content
  • Chemical resistance
  • Lead testing

Our Enhanced Simulated Wear Test (ESWT) can improve your quality control through ophthalmic lens testing; as well as our statistical analysis package, which provides deeper understanding and benchmarking of test results over a period of time.

Unique ESWT* Advantages vs. Standard Simulated Wear Tests:

  • Produces more recurring and reliable results
  • Captures more real-life factors
  • Reveals performance in individual lenses and lens sets
  • Determines variability of coat machines in production location
  • Recognizes changes in performance
  • Specifies where the performance of the lens will have the biggest change

*This testing is recognized by Lens Processors, Lens Technical Advisors and The Vision Council technical committee.

The lens, sunglasses and frame manufactures depend on NSL Analytical’s scientific approach to ophthalmic testing. NSL’s history in specialty testing services is built around our knowledge of materials, fast turnaround and reliable results.

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