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Robust Production. Microcracking Eliminated: It Starts with Chemistry

February 24, 2019

MS&T Presentation by NSL

Please join Larry Somrack, Dave Kovarik, Bill Andreski and Melissa Gorris on Monday, October at 4:20 PM in Room 305 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh to hear them present in conjunction with William Jarosinski from Praxair Surface Technology, Inc. on eliminating microcracking in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Metal additive manufacturing has come a long way.  With the physical properties, equal and sometimes greater than their wrought counterparts, AM components seem to be a great answer to some of the biggest hurdles conventional manufacturing faces.  Challenges however are faced when it comes to time, cost, and overall efficiency.  AM parts can be printed with the everyday aerospace grade alloy at an OEM’s optimal set of parameters but this is where the efficiency is lost.  Wouldn’t it be great to, in essence, double the efficiency of this process by doubling the individual layer thickness?  It has been seen, when increasing layer thickness thus increasing the size of the melt pool, greater internal stresses are formed causing microcracking.  This presentation presents a way to eliminate all microcracking even in robust production.  The solution is all in the materials, all in the chemistry.

For more information about the presentation or NSL’s Additive Manufacturing testing services, please feel free to contact us online or call 877-560-3943.

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