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Powder Characterization Lab

State-of-the-Art Technology for Validating Powders & Products 

NSL's powder characterization involves testing for physical characteristics such as Particle Size and Shape as well as Chemical Composition. Our team of in-house powder experts have extensive knowledge of handling, sampling and analyzing powder to provide repeatable accurate results.

NSL Analytical Solutions for Powder Characterization:

  • Chemical Composition
    • Major and trace level elements
  • Particle Size Distribution
    • Laser Diffraction (ISO 13320)
    • Sieve Analysis (ASTM B214)
  • Flow Rate
    • Hall (ASTM B213)
    • Carney (ASTM B964)
  • Apparent Density
    • (ASTM B212 or ASTM B417)
  • Tap Density
    • (ASTM B527)
  • Particle Morphology
    • (SEM & Optical)
  • Customized Powder Re-use Studies
  • Consulting

NSL Analytical’s quick turnaround times and reliable results will give your company the competitive advantage insuring the quality of your product. 

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