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Powder Characterization

Powder Characterization Lab

State-of-the-Art Technology for Validating Powders & Products

NSL’s powder characterization involves testing for physical characteristics such as Particle Size and Shape as well as Chemical Composition. Our team of scientists have extensive knowledge of handling, sampling and analyzing powder to provide accurate repeatable results.

NSL Analytical Solutions for Powder Characterization:

  • Chemical Composition
    • Major and trace level elements
  • Particle Size Distribution
    • Laser Diffraction (ISO 13320)
    • Sieve Analysis (ASTM B214)
  • Static Flow Rate
    • Hall (ASTM B213)
    • Carney (ASTM B964)
  • Dynamic Flow Rate
    • Avalanche Drum Rheometer
  • Apparent Density
    • (ASTM B212 or ASTM B417)
  • Tap Density
    • (ASTM B527)
  • Skeletal Density
    • (ASTM B923)
  • Powder Specific Surface Area
    • BET Surface Area (ASTM B922)
  • Particle Morphology
    • (SEM & Optical)
  • Customized Powder Re-use Studies
  • Consulting

NSL Analytical’s reliable results and quick turnaround times will give your company the competitive advantage to insure the quality of your product.

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