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IMAT Materials Conference Video: Failure Analysis

October 26, 2020

Dave Kovarik, a metallurgist and failure analyst at NSL Analytical Services, presented at the virtual IMAT Conference on Monday, October 26, 2020. His session focused on “What to Expect from a Metallurgical Failure Analysis.” Read the article below to learn how to access the video recording.

What to Expect from a Metallurgical Failure Analysis

A failure is when a part does not perform as the customer expects, or the part fails an internal test. In his upcoming session at the 2020 IMAT Materials Conference, Dave Kovarik will discuss how metallurgical failure analysis can be a valuable tool for determining what the next step should be to solving this problem. First, you should conduct a cost/benefit analysis to determine if the further study is of benefit. Then, we perform tests to determine the most likely mode of failure. Dave will highlight particular metallurgical tests that may be performed in failure analysis such as Scanning Electron Microscopy and Optical Microscopy, how the tests fit together, and some case studies of failures.

About Dave Kovarik

Dave Kovarik works for NSL Analytical Services and enjoys investigating and solving process problems. He has worked for Stork-Herron Testing Laboratories, GE, Hubbell Power Systems, Materion, and others. He has an M.S. degree from Case Western Reserve University, and has been nominated for ASM Fellow by the ASM Cleveland Chapter. Dave often speaks at conferences and seminars, and is looking forward to presenting at the IMAT Materials Conference.

About the 2020 Virtual IMAT Materials Conference

The 2020 virtual IMAT Conference is an interactive, online event that features educational sessions, exhibits and networking opportunities. ASM had to cancel the in-person conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But, conference organizers wanted to still provide an opportunity for professionals in the materials, applications and technologies fields to connect and engage via a virtual platform, so the virtual IMAT Materials conference was created.

IMAT Metallurgical Failure Analysis Presentation

Dave Kovarik’s 2020 IMAT presentation is available for you to view. To access the video recording, simply complete the form below. Once you complete the form, it will be replaced with a link to watch the video.

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