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Years of Success

When Results Matter Most: NSL provides almost 80 years of accurate and reliable test results.

Beginning in 1945, National Spectrographic Laboratories, the forerunner of today’s NSL Analytical Services, Inc. (NSL), was founded to meet the needs of the chemical laboratory industry by manufacturing spectrographic instruments and other quality test equipment. As NSL sold their instruments in the industry, they found out that customers became more interested in testing their materials. Through the years, NSL has evolved from an equipment and standards producer, to a materials and environmental products test facility, to a highly regarded professional organization that meets the requirements of an ever-changing material testing market.

Customers ask and NSL responds

More than just providing numbers, NSL has been listening to what is needed and helps customers reach the highest standards of product quality from design to product launch. NSL is grateful to its loyal customers for stretching it to excel at what it does, expanding into new markets and developing new methods in testing. Customers rely on NSL’s services for meeting their daily production needs, priority service up to same day, extended project work, detailed failure analysis, re-formulation, and consulting work.

NSL serves a broad spectrum of customers from aluminum smelters to zirconium powder producers; engaged in aerospace and aircraft, medical devices, chemical, automotive and transportation, consumer products, energy including alternative and nuclear, electronics, pharmaceutical, and ophthalmic markets.

If you require material characterization, quality control checks, process evaluation, failure analysis, or specialized testing, you can trust the Chemists, Metallurgists, and Technicians at NSL Analytical to provide accurate, reliable, and repeatable testing results.

Our testing capabilities include:

Quality now and in the future

Through the dedication of NSL employees over these 70 years, their determination for excellence, and the integrity in their work, NSL has achieved great success in the laboratory testing industry. NSL continues to dedicate itself to a culture of safety, continuous improvement, employee training, and a robust quality system. NSL Analytical maintains major industry accreditations and approvals to provide specialized services such as:

Trust – Technology – Turnaround

NSL is dedicated to being one of the most reliable testing labs in the world. We are committed to being responsive to market changes while providing high-quality results and quick turnaround when needed – and do so consistently. Customers can trust us with their most critical materials testing needs.

To learn how NSL can work with you, contact us online or call our technical sales team at 877.560.3875.