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Unlocking Velocity in Metal AM Materials Development through Testing

Unlocking Velocity in Metal AM Materials Development through Testing Metal AM printing technology is going through an exponential development period with a myriad of new alloy development approaches coupled with exciting new process improvements.  Taken together a new phase of industrial application expansion of its use is happening.  The key to unlocking this potential is…

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Webinar – Practical Approaches to California Proposition 65 Testing

With nearly 1,000 materials restricted by California’s Proposition 65, compliance may appear to be a daunting and expensive task. In this Tech Talk webinar, NSL’s Dave van der Wiel and Sarah Baskerville discuss common misconceptions of Prop 65 compliance, review the regulated products and materials, and provide practical advice for helping businesses navigate toward a…

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SEM Live! Techniques & Benefits of Scanning Electron Microscopy

NSL’s Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is a very useful tool for examining materials at up to 100,000x magnification. In this webinar, you will enjoy a first-hand presentation and demonstration of NSL’s remote SEM capabilities to learn how it can be used in examining fracture surfaces, surface chemical analysis, and more. NSL metallurgists Rebecca Stawovy and…

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