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Unlocking Velocity in Metal AM Materials Development through Testing

August 9, 2023 2:55 pm

Unlocking Velocity in Metal AM Materials Development through Testing

Metal AM printing technology is going through an exponential development period with a myriad of new alloy development approaches coupled with exciting new process improvements.  Taken together a new phase of industrial application expansion of its use is happening.  The key to unlocking this potential is increasing the confidence and speed of deployment for new process and alloy combinations.

The foundation for doing that is creation of salient materials data sets that inform the use of AM printed metals for specific applications.

This webinar was hosted as part of the America Makes Virtual TRX series and includes NSL VP for Science and Technology Development Dr. Ed Herderick, NSL Science and Technology Development Manager David Scannapieco, and Professor Calvin Stewart from The Ohio State University.

3 major topics are covered: Dr. Herderick introduces a perspective on this new paradigm of exponential alloy and process development in metal printing, David Scannpieco discusses the current state of the art for materials testing from powder to part, and Professor Stewart presents his research group work on future developments at their Materials at Extremes (MATX) laboratory.

Watch the webinar below to learn more

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