Materials Matter Videos

NSL UPM AddUp partnership video

Nick Estock of AddUp, Chris Prue of UPM, and Ed Herderick of NSL Analytical describing synergies between metal additive manufacturing machine OEMs, metal machining and build plate suppliers, and testing services suppliers.

Why Testing Matters for The Additive Manufacturing Industry

Dr. Ed Herderick, NSL Analytical Vice President of Science and Technology Development, describing why testing is important to the additive manufacturing industry.

NSL Spectrographic Survey (Ep. 1)

This includes a description of X-Ray Diffraction, EDS, and ICP techniques to characterize metal powder.

NSL Spectrographic Survey (Ep. 3)

David Scannapieco and Ed Herderick discuss materials for battery anodes.

Game Day at RAPID + tct 2023, DAY 1

Ron Wesel and Ed Herderick with Kimberly Gibson of America Makes at RAPID 2023

Tales of TIC - Avetix Group Podcast - Episode 4

Andy Housley Podcast on the TIC industry

Unlocking Velocity in Metal AM Materials Development

an overview of this new paradigm of exponential alloy and process development, the current state of the art for materials testing from powder to part, and future developments for providing more informative datasets faster that lead to faster development programs.