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Tech Talk Webinar: Processing Considerations for Cryogenic Treatments in Steel

May 3, 2022 6:22 pm

The use of true cryogenic treatments in the United States can be followed back to the Watertown Arsenal in Watertown, Massachusetts circa World War II. Since then, the use of cryogenic and sub-zero treatments during conventional heat-treating processes has continued to play an important role in maximizing wear resistance and dimensional stability in high alloy, tool and stainless-steel grades.

Watch this “Tech Talk” webinar that covers the role of cryogenic treatment in modern heat treating. Topics include the benefits of cryogenic heat treatment, common applications, metallurgical effects of cryogenic treatments and important processing considerations when implementing cryogenic treatments to existing thermal processing. This enlightening webinar features Greg Scheuring from Solar Atmospheres and Ben Schmidt from NSL.

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