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Ophthalmic Testing Services

Sunglass Testing

Be sure you are providing the best quality performance and safety to your customer.

On March 1, 2015 the new EU standards (ISO 12311-1-2013 and ISO 12312-2013) for sunglasses went into effect.  

  • ISO 12312-1:2013 is applicable to all afocal (plano power) sunglasses and clip-ons for general use, including road use and driving, intended for protection against solar radiation.
  • ISO 12311:2013 is applicable to personal protective equipment by providing specific test methods for sunglasses.

NSL tests to the latest version of International, European, American and Australian/New Zealand standards:

  • ISO 12311-2013
  • ISO 12312-1:2013
  • ANSI Z80.3 (Plano sunglasses)
  • AN/NZS 10676-2003

Sunglass Performance Testing Services

  • Luminous Transmittance Values
  • Polarization
  • Photochromic Testing (activation and deactivation rates)
  • Enhances Simulated Wear Test (ESWT)
  • Material & Surface Quality (scratch resistant and cleanability)
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Visible Spectral range (Recognition of signal light and colors)
  • UV Spectral range – Values given for UVA, UVB & Average Blue Light
  • Simulation of Environmental Exposure (UV, heat, humidity)
  • Optical Properties

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