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Our People / Mission and Vision

Our People

When our customers are asked what they like best about NSL they say "the people." Our laboratory personnel average 18 years of experience, and some have over 30 years’ experience. The longevity of our employees is testament to our ability to develop strong relationships with our customers. These relationships are based on TRUST, in both our employees’ technical expertise and their breadth of materials experience. To maintain this level of trust, our employees stay current in the latest materials testing technology, which is why every employee is required to complete 40 hours of training each year.

Advances in testing methods and instrumentation make TECHNOLOGY and technical excellence a focus for NSL employees. We’re proud of the highly skilled individuals who choose to work at NSL, and we challenge them to be their best. Our staff includes PhD, Masters and Bachelor degreed Chemists and Metallurgists, as well as highly trained Technicians. To take full advantage of their expertise, we maintain state-of-the-art instrumentation so our customers can count on us for the most accurate and reliable testing results.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding TURNAROUND of test results to our customers. Our customer service and administrative staffs enable us to provide exceptional turnaround to our customers by adopting new methods and embracing new technologies aimed at submitting, processing, and reporting results to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Communication is a critical element in achieving this goal. We deliver 93% on time for regular testing and meet customer requests 99% of the time.


Our Mission

Our purpose is to deliver mission-critical information that our customers trust. We do this through accurate, timely, objective materials analysis testing and consulting services. We serve commercial and research organizations with a full complement of testing services. We employ skilled chemists and technicians, utilize precision instrumentation and apply certified methods and innovative processes.


Our Vision

We will be a world-class commercial testing laboratory that is the leader in our markets. We will be the laboratory of choice for customers that depend on accurate material testing results that they, in turn, use to ensure the quality and integrity of their products.

NSL will be a company that is a customer responsive, growth directed and profitable organization that develops, empowers, and challenges all employees to excel in their areas of expertise.


Core Values

Integrity – We develop trust by conducting our business and ourselves in a professional, honest, and ethical manner.

Quality – We deliver a level of service that wins and retains customers, and we prove our capabilities and competencies by earning and maintaining world-recognized international quality standards.

Growth – We are committed to professional development, market growth and increased return for our shareholders. We do this by embracing, encouraging and driving change. We strive to learn everyday by being creative, open minded and working smart.

Communication – We build strong relationships with all of our stakeholders through open, honest, and timely communication.

Team Spirit – We foster an environment that encourages participation, idea sharing, collaboration and teamwork to achieve our goals.

Accountability – We are passionate about meeting our commitments. We take ownership and responsibility for all of our actions.